Airbag crash data reset service - Airbag light reset after flat battery.

Reset airbag ECU's & clear crash data logs.

Audi - Skoda - Seat - VW - Vauxhall airbag crash data and corruption.

Airbag crash data removal including Renault Clio airbag module.

When a modern car has a slight bump or side impact, particularly Renault Clio's, it is logged in the airbag module as "Crash Data", this data cannot be cleared with a conventional code reader or diagnostic unit and normally requires a replacement airbag ECU.

Autotechnix can test and remove your airbag unit, re-program only the crash data and then allow the unit to be refitted without changing the configuration for your vehicle as long as any fired components have been replaced.

This service usually costs £55 + vat for the reset operation and an hours labour with diagnostics included at £44 + vat

Total cost: £99 + vat = £118.80 inc vat 

    Airbag crash damage airbag reset repair for MOT southampton

Example to replace an airbag module on a Renault Clio:

Airbag module = £268, Diagnostics and Labour = £52.80, Programming £39.60

Total cost is £360.40 inc vat

You will save with this service £241.60 inc vat (Prices correct July 2012).

Please email or call to check that your car's airbag module is covered by us (currently over 700 module variations including 49 Renault variants)

Our workmanship is fully warrantied and insured with over 60 years experience.

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